Project Management Outline

Project Management 101 – Your role as software leader usually involves leading some projects, and also interacting with project managers.We will cover the basics of Project Management, the triple constraint of Scope, Resources, and Time. With these basics, we will review common scenarios in software development and provide advice on how to handle & optimize within these scenarios.

Scrum – Scrum is one of the most common frameworks used now for software project management. This lesson will provide the fundamentals of Scrum, enough for you to operate in a Scrum based environment.

Kanban – Kanban is emerging as software project management process. We will review the basics of Kanban and situations where it might be useful.

Estimation – Estimating work for use in planning is part of being a project leader.As a developer or test engineer, you frequently had to live with someone else’s estimate, but we will review how to create estimates on your own.

Metrics – Projects should be tracked to makes sure they are on track and we should hold ourselves accountable for delivering great outcomes to our customers.In this section, we will review how to think about metrics, design your own, and common pitfalls/fallacies about metrics.

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